Does she like me now or?

Ok so before getting friendzoned , we regularly cuddle in front of our friends (in parties etc) but after being friendzoned, i still tried to make moves on her it got awkward for a bit but we started cuddling again. But now when we cuddle, she pulls away whenever one of our friend sees us which is weird because this never happens before. I feel like when we cuddle now, she doesn't see it as an innocent cuddle because she doesn't wanna show others although our private cuddles got a lot more intimate.

The day i told her how i feel she said she doesn't know what to say then a few days later she says she couldnt decide so she just friendzones me


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe because friends have the tendencie to troll you whenever they think you fancy someone or someone is fancing you


What Guys Said 1

  • Bro, forget that woman... she's just looking for a little physical comfort until she finally finds someone who's gonna make her feel the way she wants. If she pulls away from you when y'all are hanging out and her friends see her... she's ashamed. You deserve better. As far as she is concerned, in my opinion you're like good old faithful until something better comes along... dont be an option to somebody, find someone who you can both, together, make each other a priority.


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