I’m a being strung along or does he actually like me?

I’ve been chatting with this guy from a dating app for a couple of months now. We texted back and forth for about a month before I felt comfortable enough to meet him on a coffee date. After the date, he texted pretty quickly so I was feeling pretty optimistic. The following weekend, he asked to come over and I said yes. We watched a movie and made out pretty out and heavy. the next few weeks we continued talking over texting. He was gone out of the state for business. When he got back in town we met up. Watched movie, made out, but this time we had sex. I’ve never done the whole casual dating/ hook-up so I’m not sure if this is what it is or if he actually likes me? He left about an hour after sex, texted me that he made it home. Contacted me the next day trying to strike up a convo. I responded a few hours later with no reply back. Tried the next day to reach out - nothing. He’s 33 and I’m 23. As stated before, he travels a lot for business. He is also foreign. It’s hard for me to understand what I am to him. Am I getting played? How should I approach this?


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  • He was using the dating app to hook up. You're being strung along. Sorry.

  • sounds to me like he's married


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