The Friend zone?

Why are girls always hesitant or entirely refuse to tell guys they are not interested, interested in someone else, not looking for a relationship?
The only time its ever been made clear to me as I feel it should be is the "I have a boyfriend".
When you dont know how to close a question xD


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  • Personally I tell a guy when I am not interested.
    But for the other scenarios, I kind of friendzone him when I am not sure. I can't tell right away if I want to be in a relationship with him, neither can I tell if the one I am interested in will be interested in me so I keep the guy around because who knows! Or the guy is in the friendzone because I like him but he isn't making it clear if he likes me too so I put him there until it is clearer.
    Friendzone is a zone, for me, that the guy can come out of easily.
    Maybe it's kind of mean but that's the way it works in my head.


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  • Look, generally people you talk to aren't monsters and have no desire to hurt other people. They are just trying to avoid hurting your feelings and avoiding having to face an awkward confrontation. It also leaves a future possibility open with you should events come back around to you again one day.


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  • Because most guys are stupid enough to shower them with items, attention and the social status boost.
    So it would be stupid on the girls part not to keep them around.

  • they need the ego boost.


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