How To Get This Guy?

Okay. So there’s this cute guy who works at a local café that I frequent.
He’s a little older than me (He’s 19. I’m 17) but I really want to get to know him.

I go once a week alone for a drink and once with a friend for lunch. I’m trying to get his attention but I think he’s shy and very busy.

He’s not active on social media so no avail there. I don’t want to leave my number because I will never go back if I did that.

So how do I get him to notice me?


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  • doing the unsuspected can catch his attention. My girlfriend is 17 and I'm 19, I know kinda ironic, but i was shy to talk to her so instead of me going up to her she came up to me and did like a puppy dog face the first day we met and caught my attention it made me smile. we have been together for 10 months so far... but just doing something outta the ordinary may be a little embarrassing is worth it you can give him your number in like a tip way like get a couple of dollars and like get a piece of paper and roll it inside the money then wait til he comes to the table and give him the tip i know it'll make you uncomfortable but you may also get the guy you want


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