Why would a ex felon do this?

A flame I talked to wouldn't commit to me for 2 years got upset when she went through my phone and saw I talked to other girls even tho we weren't seeing each other anymore but remained friends. but before that she kept saying she couldn't date or commit. Or not want to put a label on things and then ended things anyways. I cut her off because I felt hurt that she ended up finally committing to someone else few months later. So I blocked her and told her we can't talk anymore as i was hurt. Then few months later she made a fake Facebook account to message me. But pretended to be an old friend of hers asking me questions about if me and her still talk or tell me stuff about herself. Why would a girl do that? Especially when she never truly wanted me she always had a excuse or reason to not be with me then found an excuse to write me off completely. Another fake account tried adding me another 2 times in the last 4 months too. I also went to message the 1st fake but I was blocked.


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  • I don't see where ex felon comes into this.


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