Is he not interested? Or trying to play hard to get? What should I do?

LONG story short the pastor and I have been showing interest in each other for the past 4 months. And one day he spontaneously asked me out to eat that night, but I already had plans so had to take a rain check... So fast forward to NOW, we still randomly see each other around and are casual and nice. So when he posted a picture on his Instagram story that related to me, I replied. The conversation went like this (after we talked about the IG story, he continued the convo to this):
Him: Did you enjoy service?
Me: Yeah, you were great, like always aha. It was really good! Him: Thanks Veronica! Hope to see you soon.
Me: Yeah for sure, I still owe you a rain check aha
Him: "Yeah, okay. We will see what you do w/ it."
Me: Mmkay then.
We always see each other after church, should I do anything? Or let him initiate the mood?


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  • Some pastors have a knack for picking out people God needs them to speak to. Often times that is done through a meal meeting. (I am hoping to be a pastor (added for a little credibility)) if I were you, drop subtle hints here and there but don't be disappointed if it wasn't what you thought


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  • Find out. Go out with him. Everything should become clear then.

  • maybe he is expecting you to come back to the table, he has already tried to reach out once.

  • sorry I didn't read the question, I was paying attention to the capitalized letters


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