How can I indirectly do it?

I want to indirectly give hints to my boyfriend that I want to move in with him. He always spends the night at my apartment and has a draw at my apartment and a draw at his house.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Funny one: Point out the economy you'll make (if both of you are currently paying rent).

    Having a savings-oriented girlfriend in a world full of splurging girlfriends is a turn on for me. 👍

    • How is it funny and if I move in to. his house it will save us. money. on a house and him repairs if. it breaks as well

  • Oh my god, like, you should totally prank him by putting all your stuff in his apartment, and then, like, never leave, lol rite? So funny prank he will, like, totally never see it coming


What Girls Said 1

  • ... I don't see why you can't directly ask. "Hey what do you think of us moving in together?"

    Put a blue paw print over a drawing of you moving into his apartment. Put the drawing on the refrigerator 👌

    • I'm 5 years old and hand my mommy my painting and she pretends to know. What. it is and hangs it on the wall or fridge

    • Can't express yourself in words, can't express yourself with pictures, id k what to do with you.

      True I didn't take in consideration that you'd be a terrible artist. So I would use a computer if I were you or an app. Should be easy enough to paste Blue's paw print on a pic.

    • I was joking at first but now I kinda think the Blue's Clues approach would be cute. But to do it right you're gonna need 3 clues.

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