Does he like me and is it time I ask him out?

I started my new job 4months ago and I started working with this really sweet, kind guy who really looks after me at work we instantly connected with each other. One of his friends constantly asks me if I have a crush on him right in front of him and I just don't answer, and he goes all quiet and keeps his head down too when his friend start asking. Were always joking and smile with each other and we talk about are personal life with each other a lot. On the weekend we were doing over time together and at lunch we went shops together and he offered to pay for my stuff and sat next to me when we were eating, all my co workers starting making jokes that he liked me and that we were a couple but I just laughed it off. He's very shy also so I think he must really like me too be able to feel so comfortable with me.


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  • Based on what you said, I'd definitely ask him out. Word of caution though: if it doesn't work out, working with him will be super awkward for a while.


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