I like him... but I rejected him... advice?

So I admitted to my male best friend that I really really liked him. He's don't everything for me, taken care of me when sick, visited me in the hospital, helped with family probs etc. Over the past couple weeks, we had hangout and finally had an official date. All of it was amazing, and he's a super nice guy. I still like him, but I asked a friend in common what he thought about us dating and he said "we would be great together he's a great guy". I talked to my parents who are EXTREMELY strict, and they LOVE him. That night he asked if we were official, and I said I needed a month and a half (our winter break), but I also said yes, just not now. He said he doesn't mind giving me a few weeks but a month+ is a long time for him.

The next day he was normal as usual, and I just was flustered. I wanted to focus on school, and job, and everything so I told him no. The worst part though was, I was with him all day, but I told him no over text. I don't even know why I said it but I did. He texted me a little heartbroken, and I felt awful because I don't know why I even said no. I asked him to talk in person but he didn't want to, I finally got him to. I told him about school, and work, etc. He said he can work around all that but he wanted an answer. I again said no, I felt under pressure.

Finally we talked again, because I was crying and felt awful and so on. He told me he really liked me, and that if I truly liked him, just take the month in a half. He said he'd wait that time, but I don't know.

I feel like I'm toying him, I want to say yes but I'm so worried it's gonna interfere with life (even though he said he'd give space when I need it, and if anything happened we'd still be friends). What should I do?


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  • I say you should say yes. You seem like you really care about him and it’s clear that he cares for you. If you guys love each other than you’ll make it work with your life even if you’re busy. Best of luck to you and him!

  • If you like him and he is a good guy he will understand just be honest


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