If I pick a SO who turns out to be a bad or crazy person, am I partly to blame for the unhappiness this causes me since I picked her?

Let's say my girlfiend steals $1,000 from me. Is she solely to blame for this, or do I bear some of the responsibility since I picker her?
  • Yes, you are partly to blame. You picked her.
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  • Uh, no. Why would you be to blame when she stole the money (or did the bad thing)?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i mean if you knew in the beginning that she was crazy and you still dated her that was your fault but if you never knew about this till she stole the money that is all on her


Most Helpful Guy

  • In some stitatuions yes. In the question you posed probably not. But if you're in any way aware that she's a bad person or you know she's a bad person and you stay with her you're being reckless and you're partially to blame.

    Like for example you date someone who you know who has cheated in the past and they cheat on you.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You’d only be to blame if she did it a second time to you.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes the same way a slut is responsible for the clothes they wear. They are part of the problem whether they want to admit it or not

  • why in the world would you be to blame?

    • Because I am the one who chose to involve her in my life.

    • no, you're not to blame, you could have never seen that coming

    • and even if she had done things in the past, there's no way to predict the future, you would only be to blame if you like dared her to, if she did it for no reason, then she's to blame. Even if you had part reason like being mean to her or something, she's still to blame.

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