How direct should I be with women?

So I Do like curvy women for example
how could I Tell them What attract me about them Physically without coming across too strong Because I hate not telling What I Really, it is her right to know What attracted me to her. Can I say it Also early in the interaction. What Do you guys and girls advice?
I need more advice... anyone with more perspective. Can I be direct or Do I have to pretend that I didn't notice anything.


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  • Ha ha. Obviously you like girls with big breasts.
    Ask them what THEY like about you physically, and take it from there...

    • But should insay that early in the interaction or at least allude to it. Especially early on, in the interaction.

    • You can ask her like this: what do you think my best physical feature is?
      On the 3d or 4th date is a good time to ask.
      Just throw it in lightly like a joke.

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