Do I give him another gift?

We have been dating for three months now (to the day). I bought my boyfriend a shirt and got his name printed on the back for Christmas. He made me a scarf and its really pretty, and keeps telling me its not for Christmas. And then he told me that he is buying something for me. So do I make something for him? What do I do? (He knows about the shirt and I obviously know about the scarf)
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  • Everybody in a relationship should appreciate a hand made gift more than store bought. It shows you put effort into it and care about them.

    • I agree with what NossyLen said. If a guy or girl is thinking about a gift for the other, a homemade present shows affection and devotion. In my personal opinion, Hand made gifts are priceless­čśŤ

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    • My response to recieving that would be a very long hug and a kiss if necessary­čśé

    • Really? That's great! Thanks!

What Girls Said 1

  • Make a gift


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