This guy asked me out on first date, I met his family, then slept over?

Why is he moving so fast? We met on a dating app and talked for like a week and met up.
he asked me to be his girlfriend


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  • So you slept over on the first date? It sounds like he really likes you genuinely, and could be moving a bit fast on accident. The fact he introduced you to his family, shows he wants more than a fling. If anything, just tell him that you want things to continue, but to slow down just a tad! Some of us guys just can't help showing off our cute PLUS ONE ;)


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  • Wow he's abnormal. No one told him the rules of dating. He doesn't give a shit about games, he just really likes you.

    He's just going for it. Good for him.

    But how do you feel about him?


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