Why is he moving so fast?

I met this guy on a dating app, we talking for a week, and then met up. I went to his house and met his family, then I slept over and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Why is he moving so fast? Honest answers.


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  • Maybe he's desperate to find a girlfriend. There are people like me who have been deprived of that kind of love, and some of us are eager to find someone to love and who will love us back. Sometimes too eager so we rush things.
    Or maybe he's a player, but he showed too much of his private life for that.


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  • It's a dating app. That's where people go when they're sick and tired of not having relationships (most of the time).


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  • He´s afraid he might lose you to someone else. It´s not wrong or right, it´s just his way of handling things. If you don´t like it, talk to him about it and try to see why he has the need to "lock you" right away :)

  • Hmm probably because ur alittle to good for him, or he has a hard time meeting people. Just my first guess

    • no he's too good for me and he talks to people easily :/

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