I've had 1 tinder match in 9 months?

I'm just curious, a majority of people tell me I'm attractive, yet I've never got more than one match. I don't pay for it so I don't know if that changes things? when I'm in bars I usually get one or two big smiles from women, maybe even hit on by one. so is there any reason? have I been lied to by all these people lol? thanks in advance.


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  • Welcome to the club bro, don't take daring apps too seriously.
    If you are good-looking then you are, end of discussion.
    And people aren't lying to you.
    Good luck out there

    • if you want you can judge for yourself. look at my other post and see if you can see what the problem is lol thanks

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    • I got matches
      But I don't know, like a have a bad luck or something.
      I haven't been on a date,. So things are pretty wierd!
      Don't worry, just keep looking, ans someday you will get what you want.

    • Thanks for MHO 😊

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  • Because you're ugly asf lmao


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  • i get a lot of matches i would change ur bio especially if it says u want to hookup or something along those lines and get a dog women love those and its great for convo also put on smart photos


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