Does it matter if a guy appears calm when he approaches you?

Are you more or less likely to go out with a guy who seems calm approaching you than one who is really nervous but is trying? Do you prefer a balance of the two?


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  • I actually find it really attractive when he is nervous but does it anyhow, to me THAT is courage which i value more than confidence which can just be cockiness. it shows he's willing to work through things even if they dont feel great. really great trait. plus its soooo sweet lol complete turn on tbh.

    • and overly sure makes me nervous bc i feel like he's got some sinister plan lol

      i like nervous though yo know still able to speak :)

    • I get more nervous thinking about asking out my current girlfriend than I actually was when I asked her. Sometimes when we're talking about that time I get shaky and stutter a little xD

    • haha i get it totally :)

      took me quite a while and i was really nervous, plus i kept tripping over stuff lol makes for funny stories though :)

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