Girls, 19 Y/O male, never had a girlfriend, been on a date, and still a virgin. What kind of freak am I?

Hi everyone, title says it all. Everybody I know have long strings of happy relationships and I've tried absolutely everything; asking people out, texting, improving my health and confidence, even tried the route of "don't look for it and it will come". Still absolutely nothing. I'm genuinely at the point where I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me and if there is, I just can't see it. I get the sense that most people see me as some kind of weirdo, and I'm honestly starting to believe them. Nothing scares me worse than being entirely alone but it's looking like I'm destined to end up that way. PS: If you're going to answer this with responses like "I got laid at your age" or "you're still young" or "it happens when it happens" then just... don't.


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  • There is nothing wrong wirh you and you're not a freak at all.

    Not being with those girls isn't a bad thing they could have been trashy girls who got with a lot of other people.

    Depends what you're looking for too. Just sex is easier to find but of you want it with someone you love you need to give it time.


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  • I more or less just wanted to say that you're not alone.

    I'm 31, never had a boyfriend, been on a date, and still a virgin as well. I'm shy, have social anxiety, and don't really put myself out there for most guys. The ones I have haven't liked me and the few that approach me out of the blue are generally obese or are 50+.

    I can't really offer how to get past it as I'm there too, other than to keep trying. I'm trying to talk to/get to know a guy I'm interested in now. I'm prepared for it to turn into nothing, but hoping that it will work in my favor for once.

    The only suggestion I can offer in the meantime is to just do you. Do things you enjoy, maybe find some new hobbies, join a gym. These things might not only make you more attractive to women in terms of being fit and having an interest, it might give you something in common to talk about. Even if you're not interested in a girl, at least say hi in passing as it will help build confidence (having social anxiety, this is a really hard one for me).

  • Honestly A lot of girls like it when you haven't had sex.
    Personally if I went out with a dude and he's had like sex with 5 other girls, major turn off for me.
    (Some girls don't mind tho)
    But anyways relax, you're fine dude. Just be a good person and focus on finding a person first, then sex.


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