Why do I see so much racism on online dating?

Before you start accusing me of the preference thing, why do I see some races doing disproportionately better or worse than some races in online dating. Just check OKCupid stats and other stats on online dating.


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  • How do you see it...
    Maybe you are color blind , bad vision?
    Any facts? I need proof.

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    • Its not about attractive or ugly its clearly about race and if you deny it you are racist yourself. I see so many attractive East Asian and Black men single, and countless pretty black women getting shunned down. I see east Asian women getting more attention than white women because of the stereotype of submissiveness. Don't deny racism doesn't exist, because it does.

    • If I deny racism or not
      OR if other faces don't have luck online because white guys are more preferably are entirely 2 different topics..
      but anyways I know what you mean! Maybe you are right somehow.
      But In my experience if I have put down let's say a black guy it wasn't because he was black but that exact guy didn't make my legs shake.
      I know what you are trying to say so somehow it are right too...

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  • Ur still talking about prefrences when u say " why do i see some races doing disproportionately better or worse than some races in online dating"...

    • Preference is often dictated by racism

    • No... racism is not liking people bcs of their skin color... preference is when u like some1 more bcs x reason but have no ill will towarda the person u didn't chose to date

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  • Because it's stupid to date everyone just to show how "nice" you are?

  • Cause people have preferences not racism

  • preference isnĀ“t "racism".


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