When a man shows you love what does that mean? Is that his way of showing he is in love with you?


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  • Men shows love true the small touch on the cheek when he kiss u and when he puts his head on your hart and u feel his warm breath against your skin then u know he loves u even without him ever saying it.

    • So that means he is in love?

    • That's what it means in my case but everyone is different in their own way. Let's just say it takes a lot to trust someone with your hart because u will always be scared. The one small touch can't move a mountains but it will move your heart and thats amazing :)

  • You know when we show you we love you because we do things like Hug cuddle kiss etc

    • So that means your in love?

    • That’s what I’m like when I’m in love but can’t talk about every guy because everyone is different

  • May be


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