Why do I let myself be pushed around?

i haven't spoken to my sis in 3 years just to please my other brother and sister... they didn't like her and said i should separate myself and find my own idenity... but they never want to hang out with me.


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What Guys Said 2

  • as much as i would like to go in on you for being the Stupid malleable person... i say i understand why.
    Now i need you to understand that that "sis" is still your fam... and unless she's doing drugs or getting in trouble constantly... there is NO reason not to communicate.

    • she in trouble... she was the troublemaker

    • so then be what family is supposed to be... and help her out. TO A POINT.
      just to get her OUT of it.

  • your brother and sister sounds like stupid assholes, dont listen to them, do what makes you feel is the right thing to do, But there could be a big possibility that they tell you to not talk to her, because maybe she did something bad to them and to your parents, and you dont know about, and your brother and sister is not telling you, because of a big reason, Maybe


What Girls Said 1

  • Don’t let yourself be pushed around it’s your choice if you want to hang out with your sister. It’s not their choice who you can and can’t hang out with.

    • yea but i did and now i regret it... its been years and i miss my sister...

    • It’s your sister you can’t ignore your family that you love

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