Is she still interested? She said she likes me but needs time. What are her feelings for me?

i met this girl last year. She started talking to me one day. i could tell she really liked me
This continuted for a month or two before school ended, and I had her chasing after me, but at the time i had a major crush on another girl

That never worked out, and this girl continued to talk to me and give signs she likes me when school started again, so I started to talk and open up to her

I started snapping her every night, and i was going to ask her soon, but i found out a friend liked her and was prob going to take her on a date soon

after that, i made sure i talked to her as much as possible to show her i liked her now. i found out that she ended things with him. They never went on the date

she told him she likes him but doesn't feel like she would he a good girlfriend, and is worried about when he goes off to college. (were seniors. she is 10th g) They haven't talked since then

I kept talking to her, she still showed signs of a crush, so i asked her out over text. I sent a paragraph anout how much i liked her and wanted to get to know her

she said she loves me, im so fun to talk to, but now isn't a good time and she has to focus on other things

i was confused, so i said i understand but hopefully we can go out when the time is right (meaning in a few weeks
she responds by saying im so cute and yes

its been a month since. i still talk to her a lot Initially i pulled away a little but now we are back to normal. She still shows signs of liking me, yet she also acts a little more shy.

she sends cute pics on snap and we have nice conversations. She didn't use to but now she tries to keep them going and she snaps me first a lotnof the time. At school i see her looking at me & facing me and all the body signs, and she is always the one who starts the convo

I don't know how she feels and, though i talk to a lot of other girls, i dont want to give up on her. So what she is thinking this whole time & what her feelings are for me? I really need advice


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  • Ironic... that exactly like my situation lol...

    But I'm pretty sure she likes u... girls normally don't pay much attention to guys they don't like...

    Just pull away a bit... vanish for a day or two... get yourself busy.. reply late and see how it works on her... if she likes you you will definitely know...

    • If you dont mind, whats your situation?

      I kind of already did pull away for a while. Thats why i feel like she is getting into me again now.
      I know its good signs that she continues talking to me and all, so i think im going to ask her again soon.

    • No don't ask her too soon... she might turn back again.. let her realize your worth more first...

      A guy liked me but i wasn't into him back then...
      Now after a while, well almost a year i got back in touch...
      And now he says he isn't sure about what does he want...
      But I'm pretty sure he is playing games...

  • I think she’s unsure about how she feels about you. Something is preventing her from saying “yes” to you...


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