How to approach teller with room full of people, I get random episodes of anxiety around large groups?

I recently had to start taking deposits in for this company. I quickly noticed the teller is beyond beautiful, she is literally like an angel. the problem is that she makes me so nervous i can hardly look at her, she has these deep dark soul piercing eyes and if i look too long she will surely freeze me to stone. i assume she knows im interested and also making a fool of myself. i am not the type to pull out my phone and pretend that im doing something else. i try and look around and i know how awkard i must appear. she has a really disarming smile and i want to learn more about her without making her uncomfortable in the workplace. card? whisper? god she probably is not single but i have to know or i will keep kicking myself. ahhh


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  • By the sounds of it you've placed her on a pedestal amd in turn devalued yourself, you're there to do a job for personal reasons. Remember that job nothing else. If you want to actually talk to her then place her back on your level.

  • Use your imagination. I imagine giant kittens everywhere.


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