Dating in College, Can I move on? What is her intent?

My girl and I are a freshman at large university. We met each other at mixer two months ago, and I brought her 5 times to dates and before the Thanksgiving break, I asked her if she wants to go out with me. She said yes, and she was happy that i took it slow. During the break, we somehow did not text - forgot to say but I was her first kiss and she said she never had a boyfriend - therefore the way she texts is very inconsistent. Sometimes she texts like a guy, other time she adds emojis or exclamation points stuff like that.
Last Friday, I texted her what is going on b/c she ignored my text (I have her stuff and I wanted to give it back), then she sent me a long text. She said she has been extremely busy with her work and she is also facing other problems. She said she wanted to have relationship w me, but she doesn't want to have it right now at this point. She ended apologizing saying she really likes me but not ready for a relationship. I responded back saying there is nothing wrong with that, and I told her good luck on her final exams. (She also takes sophomore level math and computer science class which she's x10 smarter than me) She gave me a response, "Aww thank you for being so understanding :)" WHAT?

My question is - can I move on from this girl? Note that I never see her during school days, we saw each other by setting up dates in texts. I want to make sure I am seeing other girls and I don't want to dwell on single girl.

But many of my friends are telling me to wait until spring to contact her - everyone said how we have a good chemistry... BUT, I don't even know what exactly she thinks!

1. She is inexperienced, so take all of her texts literally - she just needs space? So, should I contact her in spring when she is free?

2. She liked me to some extent but not enough to stick w me? But note that it was only a week (including Thanksgiving) and she's more of cut and dry person (AKA, she's a man).

Need help ASAP, so I can make a decision quickly.


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  • She 5old you her intent was school right now, and unless she texts you know that it hasn't changed and it's ok to move on


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