Should I ask my boyfriend to stop getting Brazilian waxing done from his young and very beautiful (single) esthetician friend?

I recently witnessed my boyfriend getting a Brazilian wax from his friend of 3 years. I had a pedicure done first so didn't look too obvious of my intentions.
It went like this:
1- She spread baby powder on his region. That got him excited and he stayed that way the whole time, about 25 minutes. He also had a lot of pre-c during the whole process.
2- Standard waxing to his junk. Similar to my esthetician waxing. A lot of moving of his junk to get all the hair. She also dabbed and cleaned his pre-c when ever she had the chance.
3- She cleaned him up with cream and a face cloth.
4- Massaged a lot of allo-gel to his area including stroking his member and a nice massage to his sack.
5- She did the same to his bum and B-hole. Even slipped the tip of her finger into him with the gel - to help with burning.
Don't get me wrong- most of what happened is the same when I get mine done - except mine is in a SPA, not in her house and my esthetician wears GLOVES the whole time. His friend didn't wear gloves at all.
Should I ask him to stop seeing her?
Ido like the way a Brazilian feels on him down there, and I've checked ad there are no male estheticians in our area. I doubt he would go to a guy anyways.Should I ask my boyfriend to stop getting Brazilian waxing done from his young and very beautiful (single) esthetician friend?
Our talk didn't go that well and ended our short "Relationship". I guess he has strong feelings for her and started dating me to try and get her.


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  • As a guy who gets Brazilian waxing, there sounds like a little “extra” action going on there.
    I’ve hade 5 different estheticians perform my waxing over the years, they have all used at least one glove and most of the time I’m NOT rock hard. Most of the time the cooling gel will also get applied by a towel too, not by hand, and I’ve never had my balls “massaged” or member stroked or a finger tip in my bum hole.
    I’d recommend he go where you go - even if it costs a bit more.
    Did you have a feeling there was something going on? Just wondering why you would want to witness his Brazilian waxing?


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  • If he’s got a lot of pre-C coming out then it sounds like he is definitely turned on.
    I’d say time to see what else if going in between them.
    Did you really see her stroking his member? Did they forget you were in the room?


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  • Don't ask him to stop seeing her. Tell him how you feel about what you saw and have an honest conversation about it. You might need to sift through what it is that actually bothers you. If you acknowledge that her behavior wasn't unprofessional, then is it just that she's attractive, or that they know each other outside of her job? Have you ever seen them interact outside of that treatment?
    I understand how it could make you feel, but put yourself in his place before you start making demands. It takes most people years to find a barber or hair stylist they like and trust, and you're talking about a much more intimate, painful and potentially dangerous service here. He may never find someone as attentive, male or female, beautiful or frumpy. He might not be able to trust a stranger with that. If you don't have reason to believe he'd cheat on you with her, and you're enjoying the fruits of the labor, I don't think I'd push the issue. But if it's really bothering you, and he cares as much for you as you do him, there's probably a compromise you two can find together.

  • I would not like that either. Too friendly from the sound of it. Yes, you should find an alternative.

  • I never done that but is she cheaper then wear you go?

    • She is cheaper then where I go. I might try a Brazilian from her this weekend - I'm due for one and she's off on Sunday from her regular
      esthetician job.

    • Ah ok I just shave it myself.

  • Drain him dry first. Problem solved.

  • Sounds legit 😂😂😂

  • the weakest part of you, is him

  • It's not normal if he gets a boner and releases pre-C, surely he have some sexual feeling regarding her. I get my spa massage in completely nude position by girls but don't get boner. also many other guys gets nude massage by girls but don't get boner. striking his member is also not a normal job.

    • ** striking her member**

What Girls Said 1

  • I definitely feel you there, it would be weird. Though it does sound like she's just doing her job. And i think his boner was just a physiological reaction.
    But talk to him, tell. him you're uncomfortable about it... and she should definitely be wearing gloves.

    • I'll talk to him tonight when he gets home from work.

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