What are the chances of getting back with 3 weeks romance?

I know that no contact rule applies to people who been through a long term relationship but how is it when you've met each other on a dating app, been on 1 date but talked everyday almost 24/7? The date went well, we were only supposed to meet for a cup of coffee but ended up with 5 hour date with dinner and movie.(He told me that he would like to continue meeting me because he was interested). We talked every day, non-stop it the messages where pretty much consistent. He was very respectful as well. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to tell him that if he's secretly using me for sex, he should let me know then because I rather be disappointed now than later. He said : if I really was a pervert I would never have taken you out in the first place.

We still talked for another week but you could still sense a type of coldness from him. He was definitely hurt, he mentioned it at least 3 times over messages and would not forgive me for saying it. He told me that I put myself in the friend zone from that day I said it, and that he takes a step back from people who "hurt" him. Yet why did he still consistently text me? I asked him why he would drag it another week if he doesn't see me in a romantic way anymore and he quickly responded: "we can still hang out, go out to eat" I ended up saying "I don't do that type of thing with guys unless he is of interest" The next day I said "it's sad it had to be like this" and blocked him and removed him everywhere from my social media. (Kind of following the no contact rule)

Is there any possibility that he will contact me again? I'm obviously hurting.


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  • He wanted sex. Thats why it pissed him off. Not really because you said the wrong thing. That's why guys go on dates. If he was in to you as a person he would still want sex only that comment in that situation would have only ticked him off abit but not to the point where he would mentioning it. It wouldn't have derailed the date becasue he would still be into you as a person. This guy is a dick there is a very good chance he would try and contact you in some way if he could and that would be terrible. I guaranty that if you sleep with him now you will never see him again. So not hearing from him is absolutely the best situation. You dodged a bullet. That "only for sex" line isn't great cos it takes sex then and there off the table ( guys dont want to hear that) but this time it was the best thing you could have said. You found out he was a dick and you didn't let that passive aggressive shit get to you. Well done! And go find someone worth your time.

    • He did invite me to his place twice to "watch movies" but I rejected him because I thought he had an ulterior motive. He does post a lot about feminism/politics on social media, but it's almost to an extent where you would wonder if he actually does it to get laid. Thank you very much for your perspective on this situation, I actually don't feel as bad anymore :)

    • It can't be easy when a guy seems to just turn like that. But i assure you he's just focusing on his next conquest and you only hurt his libido not his feelings. Remember the "not only for sex" lines are a weapon of last resort.

      Well I hope it was a "most usefull answer" im looking forward to my first one tbh lol.

    • You can have it, not sure how long I have to wait though :)

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  • He might but I don't see the point. Your nothing to each other so it's so much easier to move on and the bullshit "no contact" rule holds even less weight than what it already does in long-term ones.

    Also he sounds like a big baby anyway. Most women are wary of men on dating sites so him being so offended and not wanting to prove he is a good guy is more of a sign than anything else.

    • I figured that if he really isn't that type of person, why would he even be offended in the first place?

    • I can understand him being annoyed as he probably heard that if he has been using the dating app for awhile. But if he liked you enough I just think it wouldn't bother him as much and that he would try to show you with action that he isn't.

    • Well he did mention his ex. He said "Despite her being so ungrateful, she did not judge me). I'm guessing it's just a weak way of saying he isn't over his ex?

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