How to know if a guy at a gym is interested in me?

So there's this guy who I see at the gym I'm interested in since the beginning of this year. We've never talked before. How can I know he's interested as well? Many times we've done eyes contact for 2-3 seconds, and whenever he sees me at the other room he goes to the other one and comeback and do it like around 4-5 times in one hour. How can I make him approach me? I'm a very shy girl I've never approached a guy before.


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  • I definitely understand the exact situation- but the opposite way. I like a few girls at the gym and I too am shy.
    I take a lot of advice from fitness YouTube channels and in many many many videos guys ask girls how should we approach girls in the gym. 100% of the girls answering say they don't like to be bothered, or the best time is at the end of a workout when they're about to leave. That being said - If this guy likes you, he may have seen these same vids saying don't approach women in the gym. So if you want him, you might have to make the first move.
    Now if he's a ripped up shredded dude that seems to be there only to get huge - take the YouTube advice. But if he's an average gym guy that checks his phone between sets, that's your time to pounce. Walk up, and ask how many sets do you have left? If he likes you, he's 100% going to ask if you want to work in. Now you have 5ish sets between you to talk. Especially, if you time it to go over right after his first set. Don't go all gushy and be like I've been wanting to talk to you forever. Just be cool. You can even ask some gym related questions- do you like that other machine? Just to get the convo going. But don't overstay this first meeting- unless he tells you let me show you the rest of my workout. But since this first step is made you can wave to him next time you see him, or go up and talk to him again. -- try to figure out what he's doing that day before you start your workout-if he's doing chest and you start legs it's gonna be weird/ bad for your personal workout to ask to work in on bench. - Also, work in on a machine where you can select the weight with the pin, not actually change plates- that's a bitch, and he'll be less likely to want to work in. Plus, all the convo time will go to moving plates around- not good for anyone.

    Well, I sure hope that helps. Sometimes us guys need a big green light not small hints. and I agree with truthbeknown- we're all afraid of "oh sexual harassment" as soon as we look in the direction of a girl. Also like BWC_David's idea but the whole plate moving thing... just ask to work in on a machine.

    Good luck and name your first child Matt! Lmao.


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  • Say hi and smile to him. Break the ice with small talk. More and more guys are afraid to make the first move because of the instant sexual harassment allegations that women make.

  • Start by asking him to spot you at the gym.


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