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weird story but it is true.
I put an ad on Craigslist to have my first kiss with a boy. I know it is quite unusual but I wanted some practice.
I talked via text message with a potential guy for a few days and we set a date to meet.
Last weekend I met him and we had a drink, went back to his place and we kissed for like 2 hours straight. It was trully great. At the end he told me he was on Craigslist to find a cuddle buddy and I kind of volunteered and said I would be glad to be his cuddle buddy.
He was trully happy. He walked me back to my car. I hugged him. He asked me for one last kiss. I gave it to him.
The next morning he texted me saying he had a nice night and he really enjoyed kissing me.
A few days later he wrote back saying that when he thinks about our kisses he wants more. I replied saying I felt the same. He said he hopes I get some time off work soon so we can see eachother again. That's when I replied that I was quite free on evenings and wished him luck with his end of session rush (that ends in a week or so) and that he should text me when it would be over so we could meet again. He replied saying that was a great idea and for sure he would contact me.

Now the weekend is coming up. I would really like to see him again. But I feel as though the ball is really in his court?
Considering we met one time, and considering also the nature of our meeting that is quite unusual (I mean neither him or I are looking for a relationship and we met up so he could kiss me), I feel that if I come on too strong by already wanting to see him again and asking him directly if he's free this weekend, he will freak out and find me clingy or needy?
I can't tell if he's just being polite and if this was a one time thing for him?


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  • I don't think you have anything to worry about. If he wants you, you'll know. Go ahead and ask him, and if he says yes then it's good. If he says no, then it's his loss. Guys are easy, we may not show our emotion, but if we care about something we stick with it.


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  • If he has been text you back about it all I don't think you came on too strong and also him telling you he is looking for a cuddle buddy just keep being your self and if it is meant to be it will be.

  • Kiss him, thats what he wants😂

  • He is in love with you

    • Haha
      Don't think you can fall in love that easily but nice try

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