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Okay. So I was talking to this guy. He graduated from my school last year and I hadn't talked to him in a while but I saw him recently and we started talking. He asked if we could hangout and mom said he couldn't take me anywhere so we hung out at my house and really had fun even though it was kinda awkward cause my brother and sister who don't live at my house were there the whole time. Anyways. The whole week before we hung out (I saw him on a Tuesday and we hung out Friday) my friends who all know him were telling me to stay away from him and that he just wanted sex. I have every intention of remaining a virgin until marriage. So I told him this when we hung out and he seemed cool with it (I also said what my friends had said). We kept talking and even though we couldn't hangout again for a while he asked if I would be his girlfriend. We kept talking and he asked me if I was positive that I wasn't going to have sex and I said yes. After a day or so more he broke up with me. Now he says he wants me back and I told him that I'm not interested in a relationship right now because of reasons. And then i said if he couldn't respect that the. There was no possiblity of any thing ever happening between us. So what do you think he wants? Also he kept asking who I was taking to prom and I almost feel like he just wants a way into prom.


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  • sadly, i think he wants to get in your pants. you should be very proud that you called him out over it

    • Thanks. I actually didn't take the advice of like all my friends at first because you know. I'm a teenager who's stupid sometimes. But I am glad I have such good friends who look out for me.

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    • Haha. I meant more of just being "boy crazy" but I appreciate the encouragement!

    • Doesn't get any different as you age. I am still 'girl crazy' ;)

      you take care :)

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  • He's not serious about a relationship he wants sex & he most likely talks more than one girl tho when shit hits the fan for him he'll come to you for emotional support (you can be friends tho nothing more)

    • Funny thing is he actually texted one of my best friends to tell her she was pretty, WHILE WE WERE DATING.

    • Yea definitely not the type you wanna be with

  • He just wants sex

  • So i he is texting you all the time that means he just want to be friends and if he texts you a little but you have a long convo that mean he likes you or he thinks your cool to be around


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