I Think I Kind Of Like My Friend's Crush?

We're barley friends I just talk to her from time to time but..*not their real names* But Sonia was telling me and Kate how she liked this guy but she's too shy to talk to him. So Sonia told us to go talk to him for her.. so Kate went to talk to him for Sonia then she brought him over back to us.. As i saw them coming towards us I turned to look at Sonia But she disappeared 😨.. I turned and looked at him and he was looking at me as if I had the crush. I told him I wasn't the one that had crush it was Sonia (It sounded like a lie but the it wasnt) meanwhile I was talking to him getting his info for sonia but the way he kept looking at me 😩❀ and he was so sweet (he's Kind of new and in a higher grade so I never talked to him and he looked stuck up and mean) I was like I See why she got a crush on him. and the whole time we was talking I couldn't help but to feel that he thought I was lying about I wasn't the one with the crush.. Anyway now ever time I see her she think I'm still going to hook them up. Little Do She Know I Want To Hook Myself Up..πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚But Ik That's Not The Right Thing To Do.. Should I tell her? Stay away from him? Introduce them FACE TO FACE? But what if he likes me instead should I turn him down? Orrr


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  • Well... It's like this. Bring em together. Face to face. And as u walk away to let them conversate, be confident. Cuz I'm sure he does think ur lying. So when u do this, he's gunna think it's a joke anyway. So later when ur acquaintance comes up and tells u it was s disaster... Act sad. Of course. Give it a few days and from here there's 2 things u can do...1 slowly start saying hi while u and ur acquaintance are hanging out. Now what i mean about slowly, 1 day smile at him... Another day say hi. Another day bringing over and start talking to him as a group with all three of you there and slowly move forward you know what I mean. Or two after you hear the conversation went bad or that he's not interested in her you can give it a day or two and then ask her straight out. And if she says anything about being a friend or whatever you can just throw back at her it's her fault she's the one that sent you over there to talk to him. It's not like she's gunna be the 1 to make u Happy right? Ur trying to find ur happiness too shit.

    • Now had u said it was a friend of urs for so many years, then id say stay away. U don't do that to people who are actually friends. It's just wrong. Like with me... I got my righteous friends. And I got acquaintances. Anything from the acquaintance side to me is game. So like if were hanging out an he sees some chick that looks cute or whatever and he Taps me and says hey check her out. If she's cute I'm going to be like oh damn better fucking talk to her before I go talk to her. But if it's one of my righteous friends then I don't care 20 years down the line and they've been broken up since high school I'm still not going to mess with that chick I just don't do that there's too many people around you to be focused on your friends crush u know? So I hope this was at least a little helpful for u... Good luck with what ever u choose.

    • This Is Smarttt πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  • She chickened out. Tell her he likes you instead and you want him.


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