Why has he started asking the time?

My boyfriend never in the past used to ask me where am I going or with who... and also asks the time I will be leaving or finishing up

Why the sudden curiosity?


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  • You have done something or there has been a sudden change in your behavior or attitude towards him which for him is out of the norm about you, which is causing him to be doubtful

  • New stage of relationship, he is turning into a caring and protective man

  • How long have you been together? Does he do this just about every time? Does a lot of what he does, depend on what you do, so he knows better how to plan his day if he knows what you are doing and what time? Is he feeling left our or jealous of where you spend your time, due to lack of time with him? Or could he becoming possessive or controlling? If you've not been together a long time, this may just be the real him creeping out. Again, maybe. Look at your relationship and assess where it is at, and what may be bothering him. Easiest way may be to just sit down and tell him you see that he is asking these questions frequently, and you'd like to know if something is bothering him.

    • 5 months and two days ago... I had an out of around 9pm and he said he was going to with his kids... so I never called or texted him till the morning

      Than last night... he had issues with his ex baby momma... And I had gone out with friends... that's when he said why don't you just text me and let me know... Your acting single...

      I used to do this all the time, but recently starts worrying?

    • 5 months dating

    • It sounds like he is a little insecure about your relationship. He is wanting to be sure things are still secure with you both. It is something you could have a conversation with him about, so he knows you're not interested in looking around.

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