How do you bast introduce yourself?

How do you introduce yourself to someone of the opposite sex?

What about someone you're attracted to?

Someone of the same sex?

What if it's someone that you just want to be friends with?


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  • "Excuse me ma'am, i know this may sound crazy and totally random but i saw you walking by and i had to come over and say hi. you look absolutely gorgeous. My name is adam."
    ( she tell you her name after thanking you)
    " look ready quick, cause i have go, but could you tell me something ( what you like in women) that you love to cook this holiday?
    ( she tells you)
    " oh no thats bad.)
    ( shell wonder why and ask)
    " cause i like girls that can cook ( what she said)

    From here get her number, adk if she's interested to hang out or just keep her guessing and cut the convo short and hopefully you see her again.


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  • There is no universal greeting that'll be positively received by everyone. Use your observation skills, be intelligent and figure out what sequence of words and actions will most likely receive a positive reaction.

  • in all instances, just talk to them in a free spirited manner


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