Should I give up on her?

So I was in love with my best friend for years from like 7th grade-11th grade then we drifted apart after numerous rejections and one major fight. Now 4 years later I went home for a couple days and we just happened to match on tinder and she seemed super into me and we went out and it was amazing. So I had to go back to where I live now which is literally the opposite side of the country and we still are talking and I was telling my friends about her and they are at a crossroads because some think it's a terrible idea to hold any type of flame for her others tell me if she's what I really want go for her. Then tonight she calls me and tells me that she's sad I ever joined the navy because I'm the only guy she can see herself being with and now I'm just so damn confused and I'm not sure if I should go for it or let it go.


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  • Oh dude... You should treat her like shit... She is just lonely and regretted missing her toy (you) hate to tell you but thats the true... The bright side is that if you somehow neglect her she will be wet for you for some one night stands in the future

    • Or we aren't 14 anymore I grew up joined the navy and am not an immature little shit head anymore. Plus puberty definitely did me pretty good. Could very easily be what you said or it could be that we grew up a bit and she's not playing shitty games anymore.

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    • I know how relationships work, I was married and that's stupid the girls I've gotten into relationships with it's all been straightforward no long chase necessary because that's stupid be attracted don't be attracted but playing stupid games where you're only attracted if they're pretending they're not attracted is a game and it is childish and incredibly unnecessary.

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