Should I give up on this guy who didn’t know I was interested in him and has moved on?

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible w/enough details so hopefully I can get some good advice. I’m not heartbroken or anything but super disappointed. This guy I’m very attracted to has been showing signs of interest in me for over a year now. We work near each other and every time I’ve been near him he hasn’t been able to keep his eyes off me (not in a pervy way), showing typical signs of a shy guy with a crush etc. Then come to find out he’s told his co workers about said crush, resulting in them teasing him very obviously when I’d come around. Although I’ve always been attracted to him I had a boyfriend up until the beginning of this year and could not reciprocate anything. I even had to ignore the shy guy a few times he actually mustered up the courage to try and get my attention/say hello to me. Recently, because he’s friends with one of my best friends on FB, he asked her for my number. He told her he was extremely shy and couldn’t ask me himself. she gave it to him so him and I began talking finally! It wasn’t steady at first, but then it became frequent and steady and we’d try to see each other at our work place. A few days ago things seemed a bit off so I asked my friend for a little girl advice. She thought I wasn’t being straight forward enough with him, and knowing that he’s been interested in me for so long and is so shy we decided I needed to step it up and tell him how I feel. I did so and got a neutral response. Told him to message me later and never did. Come to find out from someone else that he’s been seeing another girl for about 2 months. when confronted he claimed she isn’t his girlfriend but he is “seeing” her and that he didn’t want to be disrespectful by hitting me up. After all this time, telling people he liked me, he finally tries to get to know me once he’s just started seeing someone. I don’t know if he moved on because he couldn’t tell I was actually into him and he suddenly grew a pair or what. I’m very confused and disappointed.


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  • Does he know that you have an interest in him? Why don't you ask him and clarify your doubt there itself?

    • Yeah he knows now. I’m thinking he might feel bad for this other girl though, so he won’t just drop her because he finally got it out of me.

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    • I guess so? He’s liked me for a long time but didn’t know until he was already with this new girl that I felt the same way. So I guess at this point I am the secondary and it’s mostly my fault.

    • Don't worry there are lots of guys out there... good for you...

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