Do you like/need guys to show some jealousy/protection on the relationship?

I was in a relationship in the past and it ended bad, so I've been a while not able to demonstrate anything even tho I felt it sometimes... Then I've met a girl and we had such a great sexual chemistry and we like each other too, but I do not want to be the one to turn it into a relationship, so even if I am jealous I show that I don't care about it, because frankly I want to manage it on a way that we can have this casual sex thing for a long time and I think that showing jealousy might ruin our good vibe...
My question is: When you are having a casual thing with a guy, do you like him to show some protection with you? Or it might be a turn off? Would you prefer a guy that doesn't let you slide or one who gives you so much freedom that you rather stay than go?


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  • Casual sex means no jealousy or protectiveness because it shows signs of them wanting to be in a relationship


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