I've become afraid?

I recently started to get to know this guy I met on the internet and I don't know what's happening. I've never dated before or anything and I have talked to guys online before. Everyday we liked each other more and more as we learned about each other and I found myself doing things I'd never done before. Usually after knowing someone online for such a short while I might not even show a regular head shot pic of myself but with him we already went on webcam to chat. I like him, he blushes and gets shy sometimes after he says things and he doesn't seem afraid to share anything with me. We've talked briefly about meeting when he's finished with university. He asked once if we were boyfriend & girlfriend and I said I dunno, I think we're still getting to know each other.

He said he started liking me because of my personality and that he'd like me even if I was fat. The other day he said he loved me though. No one except my mom has ever said that to me before. I don't know what to do and I find myself afraid, afraid of how I feel, of what I might do, of losing him. This is all so new to me.


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  • I think that you are doing the right thing in taking it slowly. After all, this is someone that you really can't get to know completely right away because you are connecting over the internet. I think that you should continue to just be yourself and be honest with him and yourself. Remember to never try to rush a relationship because of fear of losing the person. If the person is someone that is trustworthy and someone who is datable material for you, he/she will wait for you. If not, you cannot rush love or rush how you feel about the person. Let him know up front what's going on so there is no confusion - like him thinking you are in love with him if you aren't yet or something like that. Sometimes it takes a while to find out how you feel about someone, so you should probably think about how you really feel about him before answering him, and then when you do answer him, make sure that it is honestly, because you don't want to lead him on or confuse him or hurt him in some way. I hope that helps! Good luck! :)


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  • you shouldnt be afraid, its just so easy if you like him then go for it. Since he is honest and open to you take that chance to show him that you really do care about him, if you don't want to lose him just be open minded and you will see that everything will work out for both of you.

  • i think you're acting the right way. keep taking it slow and getting to know him. online relationships are a little bit more slow because you don't have the hints and signs you usually get when you're face to face with the person. it really is scary because there's still a lot of prejudice against meeting people online - it's like you're a geek or a loser or whatever for doing that. the truth is there's nothing wrong with it. Internet is just another way of bringing people together. it's also easier to know people with whom you share interests. Before, that'd be totally left to chance. Nowadays, you can actually browse until you find someone just like you. So don't be afraid. Just keep doing what you're doing.

    He, on the other hand, might have to tslow things down a bit. You said you know him for a short while and he's already saying he loves you and asking if you're boyfriend and girlfriend. I don't think you guys should call each other that until you meet. love is such a big and important word, it's just too much. I think you can like, but you can't love someone you never met. You guys can be somewhat commited (like, if both of you give up on seeing other people until you meet) and you guys can fool around (if you didn't do it yet, someday you will want to have cybersex), but love only happens when you see each other. That's what I think at least.