Do women fall for depressed men?

I've had depression for a very long time. Not the kind you get when your cat dies but the kind that torments your mind every waking moment. Society says men are meant to be strong, tough, and protectors. Would a woman date a guy that has major or bipolar depression? Is that too much work someone to handle? Would you help a guy you like out or simply let another woman date with his issues?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Depends. If he is like those who just keep dragging everybody around them to their self pity, nope.
    But if he acts like a man and tries to keep up with it and tries to ""control"" it, I guess so. I will try my best to help him, if he appreciates it. A lot of depressed people don't seem to appreciate any help.


What Guys Said 1

  • Definitely not , I think.
    They might have a sweet weak spot for them.. but in the initial phases , no , they don’t fall for depressed men. Lol


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