Should I continue to pursue this girl?

I was talking to this girl that recently broke up with her ex and in the beginning everything was good. We were hanging out and talking all the time. Then she told me that she feels like we were going too fast and that she wants to take things slow and that she just got out of a relationship so she’s not ready. We were hanging out & talking more.
I took her out to pick pumpkins. She had never done that and was getting all touchy and what not and I was confused but at the same time I just thought she was opening up to me.
After a while things weren’t feeling the same but we were still hanging out, started talking less. Would take forever to reply. We had another talk and it was the same as the first one. We continued to hang out. Then one day I asked her why did you and your ex break up and things got serious and she broke down in front of me about him. And how she never would like to feel the way he made her feel. I thought from there things would get better but nope it continued being more confusing. i had planned a trip for the both of us.
we took the day trip and things were going well & we spent the whole day together. Came back. She was taking longer to reply or sometimes not reply at all. It went from good morning and goodnight texts with hearts, talking about meeting her friends, and buying me things to nothing. one day I was fed up. It had been a month already and I was lost.
I tried to get her to come out with me so I could tell her in person but something always came up. So I just called her and told her how I felt and she was basically telling me the same thing, and how she sees us being friends and how she likes hanging out with me too and how she’s just not ready. told her it’s best if we don’t talk for a while. we didn’t talk because I wanted to give myself time and have her know that I’m not here to play games. But I just don’t want to give up on her, because she’s honestly a pretty cool girl that I want in my life. What should I do? Help please
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What Girls Said 2

  • Don't talk to her for a while sounds best. Talk a little here n there. But she just broke up and seems to be seriously damaged. Don't be a rebound.

    • What if I’m trying but she isn’t replying. Ever since I told her how I felt, it literally went down hill. I understand she wants to be friends and I have nothing wrong with that she’s good company. But it just seems like nothing ever happened.

  • Just stop.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, this girl has just broken up with her ex. The only thing she is looking for is a dude to lighten shit up and not a relationship. I learnt this the hard way with my ex, things were going pretty good and she said yes to me when asked her to be my girlfriend. However, thugs slowed down very fast and she broke up with me as she felt we were going ‘too fast’ and had to get over her ex. She then told my friend she never loved me 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Moral of the story is, when someone is going through a breakup, they are trying their best to relieve pain, even if it means having a guy on the side to make her feel good. You just happen to be that guy. I’d move on as she might not even be romantically interested in you.

    • Saying that, there is nothing stopping you being friends and helping her get over her breakup, she’ll appreciate it more than you trying to hit on her

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