Did I play this cool enough with my crush that will make him want to date me?

I am sometimes blinded by the way guys flirt. This guy I know has been flirting with me for awhile now , the stares , the winks , he comes around a lot. Talks to me whenever he can. He recently bought me a gift of my favorite drink randomly. So I went up to him and thanked him in person for the gift when it was just me and him and asked him maybe next time he could join me for my favorite drink. He said yes immediately. We kinda left it at that. But I noticed since doing that he’s now more responsive and seems to be opening up more. Guys - do U think I played this right with him just keeping things cool and fun and not turning on my “ I need an answer “ woman mode? What do I do next should I go ahead and follow through with a hey let’s grab a drink or wait for him to come to me? I’m so bad at dating.


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  • You did good! By now he should be asking for ur number at least.


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