Currently 7 months pregnant, man does not relationship right now but told me he would be there for the baby?

I posted on this site a while back about a situation I wound up after a great night with my ex boyfriend.

When I was a teenager this man who is currently the main part of this story was my first boyfriend, we were together for years anyways our relationship failed because well we were too young, he got married had 2 kids and is now separated.

I was with him during his separation, took care of him and was his friend but we ended up having sex and I got pregnant. I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship but when he found out about me being pregnant he jumped right to abortion. I said no, he wanted me to move away with him so at least he can try.

Fast forward to now 7 months after and he said he holds a grudge against me about keeping the baby, He has become very distant with me and is no longer playful.

He told me that he is going to be there for our daughter but not all the time but he can try his best.

I don’t know what to do, I fell in love with the guy all over again but he has treated me so poorly ever since our news.

I can’t stop thinking of him and want him more, will he realize what he has lost and come back? Or is it only going to be for our daughter. Should I even have him around, he might look at her as a burden considering he has a grudge on me.

Please be nice, I am having a very hard time and I appreciate any comments you all have.

help me get out of this funk!:(
For all you haters putting me down- well he is back in my life for both of us!
Love never dies, he realized how important I am in his life.
Next time when someone is asking for advice, maybe be nice and not put down a 7 month pregnant woman who is obviously a hard time!


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  • I think that holding out hope that he'll want to be with you at some point is pretty fruitless. You really need to move on from that hope because you're just going to end up disappointed. Does it happen? I'm sure it does, but it's pretty rare in the grand scheme of things and he already holds resentment towards you for keeping the baby.

    On top of that, I don't really think he'll be there for the baby either. Guys like this don't tend to be the greatest fathers and given that he already feels that he was trapped, I don't think he's going to be a particularly patient father around your newborn daughter.

    I'm sorry. I just don't think you should get your hopes up in this bad situation and I can greatly feel your desire to be with this guy. Just concentrate on the baby, assume you're going it alone, and just hope that you're presently surprised.

    • Thank you!
      This is exactly what I am worried about, the father aspect of her.
      I just want at least some sort of friendship with the guy considering he is the father of my child.

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  • So you're upset that your move didn't keep him with you. No one will pity that. You've made your bed. It's time to lay in it.

    • My move? To not get an abortion and kill an innocent life?
      We were together for 9 months, obviously there was some sort of connection between us. It wasn’t always sex!

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    • I can't see how he's behaving. But I do see you throwing a tantrum.

    • Wow ok! That is helpful, saying I will pull a tantrum when you don’t even know me either.
      But you agree that it is ok for a man to treat you and your unborn child like dirt!

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  • guess he was only using you to take away the pain of being separated from his wife.

    • Yea see and that sucks!
      Because we were together for 10 years prior to him getting married.

  • Single mothers everywhere. Then people wonder why society is so screwed.

    • Because men can’t own up to the fact that things like this can happen between two people.

      At least, I am owning up to my part.

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    • I am not rude I am telling the truth. At this day and age when you're being honest you make people freak out. And you've just proven it.

    • By beating down a pregnant woman and insinuating that their children will become what you mentioned.
      No its rude, she will know who her father is.
      The situation is messed up I know but to even think that single mothers will raise their child to hate is rude.
      All my life I have been a giver, people pleaser what ever so I can make other people feel better and never think of my own destiny or happiness and the one time that I am actually happy and things are going good, I get pregnant and in that moment I realized that I have to take care of myself for my daughter.
      No matter the circumstances and its not all my fault because it does take 2, I am being a responsible adult here and taking responsibility for the actions.
      I was obviously used and the wool was pulled over my eyes.
      So thanks to men around like him, it will be hard to even consider another man at any point in time. Its cruel what people can do to others! That they have no feelings!

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