How to start dating again?

Got out of an abusive relationship and can't seem to figure out how to start dating again. I have tried dating apps. Im an introvert so i dont like bars and clubs. I dont drink. Im at a loss and all i wanna do is move on. Thoughts?


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  • I think you're on the right track to moving on... plenty of lovely ladies around here. Boost up your self confidence and charm the hell out of a pretty young thang with a question.😉

    • How do you boost one's confidence? Mine has never been really high to begin with.

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    • Try something like, who thinks going for a jog is a good date?

    • You could jog passed some great places with scenery and cool down and get to know each other... then maybe she could suggest the next date.

      Or you could try, "who needs a running buddy?" Lol

  • What are you moving on from?

    • An abusive marriage.

    • You should focus on yourself. Get your mind healthy, then seek a relationship.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well the thing is you never really get over someone you just push them from the primary thought to the secondary , and that takes time , by you being an introvert you should focus on your skills and hobbies to fall on for a distraction to get you past this. Also a great way to help distract you is to start conversations with some people... ie.(fb, Twitter, gag) there are always groups to get into online to discuss your thoughts


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