Is he really not good enough for me?

there's a guy I'm interested in ( he interested in me as well) we meet in College, he's in my class
he's really funny and nice
I'm attracted to him and he's quite manly as well
We've hung out a couple of times and he's a decent guy
Right now I'm in a situation where I could either go out with him or this thing we have could die down
So I asked my friends their opinion of him and most of them say that he's not good looking enough or he's not intelligent enough or he's not up to my standards
even my sister says that he's not good enough for me and i could do so much better than him

but yes I will probably have a better career than him and maybe I am a little to pretty for him ( but I think he's cute)
he has no class whatsoever ( he's like a cute country boy) and he has almost zero experience with girls, my friend says I'm probably the only girl he looks at ( he's so adorable )
And I really don't wanna lead him on and even if this doesn't progress romantically further I wanna be good friends with him
SO I TURN TO YOU internet strangers for adviceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What should I do -
a) go for it ( he's a good person! )
b) settle for friendship ( I can find somebody better? )


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  • Dont turn away someone cuz your friends and family said so.. especially if they are discriminating on looks and "class".. this person could easily be the love of your life, and some of the richest people in the world isn't that "good looking", and appear to have no "class"... so go for it, cuz it sounds like you like him

    • It's a very difficult situation because I love my family and I really want them to see all the good I see in him but they would prefer me to marry someone who would be an 'asset' i suppose

    • He would be an asset if he ends up being the love of your life

    • Dnt let other peoples opinions hold u back

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  • I think you should go for it because in my opinion the most important thing when looking for a partner is his personality and not his carrier, beauty and salary. So if he treats you with respect and you love him plese go ahead. It is very unfair to reject someone because of his social position or education and salary.

    • I don't want to judge him this way , he makes me happy. And I don't want to give him any false hope if my family doesn't accept it him especially my grandparents and parents it'll break my heart and I don't hurt him either

    • Your family shouldn't get evolved in this.

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  • I you can't decide on your own who is good enough for you, YOU are the one who isn't good enough. If you feel offended, you are free to report what I've said.

    It's your life, nobody else's. YOURS AND YOURS ALONE. Would you be happy if you listened to them and ruined a chance for potentially good relationship?

    • Um no, it's not that I think he's not good enough , he makes me happy and I think that's all that matters
      But I have responsibilities to my family, you see I'm the eldest grandchild in the family and my grandparents and parents expect me to choose someone who will bring respect to the family and something about setting a good example for my younger sibling ( I dunno man grown ups are weird) and yea they're pretty strict
      So I have to consider my family's wishes and my own happiness and his feelings as well so I'm pretty torn here πŸ€”

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    • I like blunt people
      Thank you for your opinion

    • Take care Miss ✌

  • go for it. those around me told me the same thing. dont marry her you can do better. we married had children and 36 years of marriage before she passed away. so do what you want. not too many guys are adorable.

  • Don't sell yourself short. There are a lot of good people out that would be so much better. You should just be friends with him. Be careful not to give him false hope

    • I'm being careful not to lead him on until I make my decision
      There maybe people who are better than him , but he makes me happy
      Should I be practical about this or should I follow my heart?

  • Go for it. If you like him, just like him with all of your heart. Love him while you still had the chance, not everybody as luck as you

  • Go for it, if your interested in him and like him do it.

  • U like him soo goo for him ! Lissen to your heart not to your frend πŸ€—


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