Should I see that girl again?

So I met her like 2 weeks ago on Tinder (stop booing, it's actually a fine way to meet people), we had a few beers the same night, talked a bit. Then I kinda invited her to my place and we slept together.

On paper everything is great, she's funny, clever, open minded, pretty... But it wasn't a great night. We talked, but it's like I wasn't touched, I didn't feel that special attraction you know?

I feel like we should click well together but I haven't felt the spark yet (I usually do quite quickly). Maybe that's only because the pub was loud and I need to give her another chance? She seems interested but I don't want to lead her on for nothing.Should I see that girl again ??
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  • I'd say give it another try.. you never know! but if after that second date you still have a feeling that it's leading to nowhere, then be honest about it to her.. say you had a great time, but it's just not happening for you even if you wished it would have, I'm sure she'll understand. I know I would.

    • Makes sense. I'd need to make it so that we actually have some time to talk and enjoy each other company in the better conditions.

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    • Well I can't, your settings forbid me to message you unless you 'follow' me for some reason x)

    • oh.. xD that's weird.. sorry about that, fixed it

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  • If you're asking others for suggestions, you yourself haven't found the answer.

    It might not turn out well for the both of you if you are doubting her, yourself and you two as an item.

    • Having doubts and questions about the viability of a relationship sounds normal when you just met someone though, right? How can you be sure before you know the person?

    • Do YOU want to see her again?

  • jusr do it

  • Well if u sleep with her on the same night u met her of course u won't feel any love : P

    • Hmm... I disagree, physical intimacy (like sex) usually makes me more attached to someone. That's actually how my relationship started with my girlfriend.

      IRL I tend to not be so confident and talkative with people I don't feel already close to. Sex has proven to be a good way to make me feel more comfortable around someone else in my personal history.

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    • I'm not sure sex have the same meaning to you and me. Or that it has the power to "waste" the interest I have in someone.

      But sure, I get the main idea of building anticipation and excitement about each other. I just need to find what can create such a thing between her and me !

    • Time. What makes a normal relationship so exciting for two people is when they finally say they love each other after a very long time of guessing. Hang out, get to know each other better, and have fun together, like when you're cooking a meal and waiting for it to be ready so u can enjoy it xD I don't know about u but i think early sex ruins the true experience of love lol, aim for the heart, not the vagina xD

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