A guy asks you to come to his place in the second date (after a really nice first one). What do you think?

I met this girl that I really like and we had an amazing date. All very romantic and with a lovely kiss at the end. The thing is... It's winter here and bringing her home sounds very cozy to me. I'd like to cook for her and watch a movie. I know she likes me, but maybe she gets scared and doesn't want to come. But truth is I only want to be comfortable with her, I'm truly not thinking about sex. Will she believe it? How can she react?


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  • Depends on how you bring it.
    And it's not a bad idea, but u need to make sure she knows your point is not the sex. But a lovely evening. Tell her u have this recipe u want her opinion about and this movie u would love to watch together with her.

    If she doesn't like the idea u will notice quickly.

    Some women would get the wrong idea.
    So it's a risk still.


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