Respecting wishes versus ignoring wishes?

So I have a real life scenario. This girl I've known since high school, she went out and got married, ended up getting divorced and said she made a mistake, we started talking again at the funeral for a guy we both knew. So then we became friends even closer and i told her how much I like her and she ended up breaking up with a boyfriend at the time and tells me not to ask her out because she don't have time for a relationship now (she's in school to be a nurse) so I respect that and then Halloween time she says that she is sort of in a relationship, and says I'm sorry and other things. So why do i get hurt when I kney wishes?


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  • too much baggage. walk away.

    she pretty much wanted you to want her enough to ignore her request to not ask her out. its high school drama shit, and you dodged a bullet.


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