I’m trying to line up a second date. What would be a good text to reply to this. Or should I move on? This is the second time she flaked?

“Hey! Sorry I’ve been MIA I’ve been insanely busy and leave in less than a week for the holidays so I probably won’t have time to hang before then :( “


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  • If its just the second time I don't know if I would forget about her just yet. Some women do stay extremely busy especially if they're young because most are trying to get their lives on track. I would reply with "its fine, if you are serious about wanting to hang out message me when you're free. If not its OK just let me know."

    • Everyone is trying to get their lives on track. Seeing people is kinda important in life.

      Women flake the first time to see the reaction. The second time is clear disrespect honestly.
      You plan something you follow through sorry.

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    • The craziest part is that she invited me to here house a few days a go then flaked out a day before.

    • Just put her on backburner. Leave it at let me know when you wanna hang.

      Other then that light texting, very light. You have a life, look for others.

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  • Look for other options. If she flaked and you played it cool the first time.
    Then she does it again, you look for greener pastures.
    In the meantime she will wonder why you haven't given her the time.


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