What should a guy do if he's balding?

As a balding guy you often hear or read "just shave it all off and grow a beard". Okay, but what if it is the case that he's good-looking with hair and ugly without it? That hair makes a huge difference, what should he do?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should care less about hair, and lower your standards.
    I have no idea how you look either, but is there any possibility that your image of yourself is not what others see? And who is it that you're trying to impress?
    Also, bald with beard can be attractive. Would it be such a bad thing to try and see if you like the style?

    • I have tried the bald style. The fact is, I am a decent looking with hair and ugly without it. I have a small head and big ears which you don't really notice when I have a lot of hair, but without it, it becomes very apparent and I look like a goblin.
      Also I dont have a smooth scalp, its rather lumpy.

      And I dont want to lower my standards. I still want to have chance with pretty girls. When I had hair I did get some attention. But now, I doubt any good-looking girl my age (21) would be willing to date a bald guy.

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    • Confidence could be rooted in some good side og you, like your virtues for example. I have also come to the understanding that many bald people become MORE confident, because they look more mature, visually seems to age slower, and because they don't need to stress over the hairstyle being right for different occations. (Their arguments, not mine.)

      Also, I would say if you're decent looking with hair, and your skull isn't deformed in any obvious way, there should be reasons as to how bad you could possibly look without hair, even though you are not comfortable with it yourself at this moment.

      If you intend to try getting some hair back, that it on you. I would advise against it, since your hair is not really you, but if your mind is set, I guess I can't do much more to strengthen my argumentation. Maybe my advise would be to fully og bald and embrace it for a few months, and then do something about it if it's still a problem afterwards.

    • I was bald the entire summer, so I have tried it.
      Like I said, I have a small head and big ears, so without hair to offset this effect I look like a goblin.
      And I dont have a smooth scalp. My scalp is lumpy and wavy. I know this because I have seen myself bald

Most Helpful Guy

  • Go and live in the woods.

    Seriously though, there is only so much that he can do. He can spend a lot of money on hair implants, he can buy a wig and hope for the best or he can accept himself and work with what he has got. There are good looking bald guys out there doing just fine for themselves. If you accept a limitation as a barrier to life then you are only limiting yourself.

    • You are making a mistake by assuming that all guys look good bald. This is false. Jason Statham and the Rock are a minority.
      Most guys simply don't look good when they are bald, and if you are in your early 20s and balding, guess what, your dating pool will shrink significantly and you're going to have to settle for ugly girls

    • I didn't suggest that all guys look good bald but you are still left with the same options and you have to choose one of them. Hair implants might be outside of your budget, a wig might be less than ideal and make you feel even more self conscious. So your best and maybe your only decent option might be to make the best of it. As for settling for ugly girls, that is not the case. If your face is deemed ugly then your losing your hair is not your main problem.

    • My face is not ugly per se. But I have some ugly features that become apparent by being bald
      My head is small and my ears are big, this shows when I have no hair. I basically look like a goblin. When I had a lot of hair it offsets this effect, so you dont really notice

      The other thing is that my scalp isn't smooth at all, its very lumpy.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Should keep his standards

  • Lower his standards.

    • I'd rather spend the extra money, get to look good and pull good-looking girls. But I appreciate your advice.

    • Ahahahaha savage.

What Guys Said 4

  • Buy anti-balding products, save money for hair transplant.

  • Accept yourself firstly then work out and wear good looking clothes, no one is perfect

    • But accepting it and not trying to do anything about it means you have to lower your standards

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    • You're being so disingenuous.
      If there was a quality about yourself that made you unattractive to the girls you desire to date, you would strive to hide it as much as you could. Unless you went bald at 21, you just wouldn't understand.

      I do focus on lots of other things I deem much more important than girls.
      Nevertheless I don't want to lose my virginity when I am at that age, where women no longer care about a guy being bald, which I'm guessing is after 35 or so
      I want to meet hot, beautiful girls and have fun during my 20s before i settle down

    • Ok do whatever you like mate

  • Shave it all.
    Get a tan.
    Build some muscle.

  • Do the surgery .


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