Some honest input on this confusing guy? kinda long I'll try to summarize. is this even worth it?

We met a few months ago, started out as friends etc. Spent hours talking on the phone. I'm 28 he's 43. He would offer to buy me things or take me places before we even met. none of which interested me. I liked him for him

Finally ended up hanging out, but for awhile he technically was chasing me. I was often too busy for him. before he was texting me out the ass everyday haha

we obviously ended up liking each other. we got drunk one night and decided to say we were together. confirmed it the next day as well, however apparently I said weird stuff drunk like I can see us working long term and I wanna tell everyone we are together (omg this is horrifying... I was drunk. he didn't tell me this until a week later, he just backed off). so he just got so distant !! we had some odd discussions about our feelings in between. one night I tried to come see him (I never usually ask) and he made excuses for ME. I moved into a new house he never made it over, whereas he was previously talking about how he'd get a mattress topper etc for my bed. 🤔. I know he works a busy busy job and he warned me so he said he doesn't have a ton of. time that's why his relationships fail.

and oddly enough. he only had sex with me once, It lasted like 2 minutes. he would only try to get me off, wouldn't have sex with me.

so now, he recently blew me off for a party invite I invited him to. and before that he was still texting me something little everyday. well I asked him if we are gonna be friends and he said of course, but also mentioned that hopefully after the holidays we can spend some time together.

haven't heard from him since, 3 days ago. but he's still liking my instagram posts every night. what is with this guy?


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  • He's seeing someone or doing something else but he wants some side action.

    • Tbh he works so much he doesn't have time to juggle a ton of girls, but definitely something odd

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    • Each others kids?

    • no lol. his kids are 12 and 15. MiNE are 4 and 7. but why would he acts like this towards me? all he does now is like my instagram posts

  • Wow... I was going to say he was not interested until you said he likes all your instagram pics... Hard to say... If he lasted 2 minutes maybe he is insecure with his performance and got on defensive

  • He could also be insecure? Sounds like some internal problems to me.

    • I feel like he may be. before he said he'd give me the best sex of my life... lol🤔🤔

    • I think he knew he could get into your pants and maybe things fall off when his pants come off as well?
      So stay distant, add a notch to the belt and he does his thing.

      Good luck!

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