How do I make women feel lucky to be with me?

I already don't give much attention to women so it's already a long shot if I'm talking to one in the first place lol but they don't know that. So how do I give women that impression that "wow, this guy is something... this guy is different?"


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  • Be a good person to her and the people around you.

    • Isn't that pretty typical of people though?

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    • I don't know I really don't do much to do anyone wrong, I don't think. Nor do I get too attached to other people's word. Not anymore. I just go with the flow and don't commit to things that I don't want to, so I can't really do wrong to anyone.

    • Sounds like a chill policy

  • Maybe you are ugly?

    • Maybe but I don't think so lol. I don't feel like I'm ugly and have many good looking friends. Im not the best looking of the bunch but I don't think I'm ugly.

    • Good.

    • So if I'm not ugly and moderately successful for my age, what is holding me back? Or is it not me?

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