Does your lack of experience really matter in a relationship?

Okay so I've met someone. We both like each other. It's clear that she likes sex and wants to do it with me and go into a relationship with me. Personally I'm frightened because I haven't had a lot of experience with sex and I can definitely tell you that I need to be taught. If she's really interested in having a relationship with me. Does my lack of sexual experience matter? Like girls if you were really into that guy. Would you be the band camp girl from America pie and teach your guy how to make love to you?


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  • No, as long as you work to please her as much as ypu can and to do things she likes

    • Well yeah I wouldn't wanna leave the bedroom until I'd pleased her. I just don't want to disappoint her because I'm not skilled in sex

    • As her what she likes and try to do those things. and make sure you ask whether she likes it or not. Communication is the most important thing

    • Thanks mate really appreciate it

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