How to get a date in an extremely religious and social city?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how I as, someone who considers them self agnostic or non-religious as well as a moderate introvert, what might be the best way to find and build a relationship with a girl in an extremely conservative and social city. There are a lot of Meetup groups in this city, but most people only go to the ones where they dine and drink, versus going on any adventurous outings.


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  • if your an introvert then I wouldn't even try yikes

    • Not try what... trying to find a girl to date? That's definitely not an option, that's basically the same as saying give up. I've never been one for giving up.

    • I know I'm kidding, people look down on introverts because they think we're shy and I'm just like nah fam I just get annoyed with people

    • AH! Ok. lol. Didn't realize you were joking. Not always easy to tell on website. ;-)

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